Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alternative Xmas Tree

Hey Pumpkins
Around the House Xmas decor isn´t finished yet, eventually I´ll post some pics when all is done... I the mean time hope you like the star of the show as much as I loved to do it... Facts: * Since I know my dear BF, he doesn´t like taky Christmas Trees (or almost NONE), you know the regular ones... you see them all around, in the market, deparment stores (so pricy).* For me is motivating, inviting and almost forced me to do "any" crafty stuff to accomplish my holliday desires as always try to do... and * You simply can´t refuse to the warm and fuzz that xmas tree brings!!!
To make this baby was a fun ride, I like to work with wire but when things get bigger it could be little bit dangerous, If you wanna try, I recommend you to use gloves and plastic glasses, a good white christmas lighting, white adhesive tape and any embellishments you have around, I use some pretty ribbons and cute (and cheap) balls, Im sorry I didnt make a tutorial but it was spontaneous... hope you like it as BF does, sigh.

Friday, November 27, 2009

New design year

Hey Pumpkins, hope you are very well as I do so far, I wanted to begin writting on this space "again" until January 2010 and it was going to be about Elsie Flanigann and Leigh-Ann´s Style School actually... and definelly more like when I have a "whole idea" of what Im going to writte about but what the heck hehe, today some awesome designer named Michelle Clement wrote the official first comment on this site and it was so motivational for me and I said "today is the day" I want to built a great site full of my every day stuff and special moments... well pumpkins take a seat cause this will be an open window for you to take a look of how I find some steady design style and all that... take care, be cool and eat some dessert =)