Saturday, April 26, 2008

As u see...

Folks! I am trying to build a really good site, so if you see that i didn´t post anything yet, thats because i could´t do it yet, sorry cause i feel that i have  A LOT to tell you, just i don´t know how to start, anyway its awesome to have a window to show the world many many things that i like and im new about and i like very much, i think i suppose to let the things flow,  i hope that this space allows you to see exactly the picture i have in mind, i wanna expose arts that happens in my hometown, music that i like, people who i know, very interesting people by the way, i just need more time, sorry for this inconvinience, im so sure that it will be so cool, just give me some time, even i´ll be posting some of the "craft stuff" that i made, so estay in tune...



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to pumpkinland

Hello you all... welcome to my new blog, hey i never thought that i would write this, sometimes the idea of "write a blog" pass trough my head but was complicated, anyway here I am, my name is GiNa im 28 yrs old and Im a graphic designer, im from Veracruz Mexico, i like a lot scrapbooking and arts & crafts in general maybe this are the reazons that made me create this kind of journal, between my hurry life and my sometimes rush moves i would love to share my art point of view with you... feel free to make jokes and coment your interest =) and above all be happy!