Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alternative Xmas Tree

Hey Pumpkins
Around the House Xmas decor isn´t finished yet, eventually I´ll post some pics when all is done... I the mean time hope you like the star of the show as much as I loved to do it... Facts: * Since I know my dear BF, he doesn´t like taky Christmas Trees (or almost NONE), you know the regular ones... you see them all around, in the market, deparment stores (so pricy).* For me is motivating, inviting and almost forced me to do "any" crafty stuff to accomplish my holliday desires as always try to do... and * You simply can´t refuse to the warm and fuzz that xmas tree brings!!!
To make this baby was a fun ride, I like to work with wire but when things get bigger it could be little bit dangerous, If you wanna try, I recommend you to use gloves and plastic glasses, a good white christmas lighting, white adhesive tape and any embellishments you have around, I use some pretty ribbons and cute (and cheap) balls, Im sorry I didnt make a tutorial but it was spontaneous... hope you like it as BF does, sigh.